Laura has created award winning logo designs for corporations and small businesses. Using a combination of originally designed images with elements from stock art, a unique and cost-effective symbol is created for your series.

The design process for a logo starts with a discussion, and a questionnaire to help to hone in on the visuals that will best identify your series. More details below the gallery.

The Design Process

The process starts with a logo questionnaire, and is followed up with a discussion/chat to clarify any questions. The deposit must be received before work can begin.
Presentation of first design rough: two to three ideas will be presented. At this point stock art elements may have a water-mark, and the original images may have a sketchy visual feel to them. The first round of feedback will determine the final direction of the final logo
Based on the feedback, one more version of the logo will be presented incorporating purchased assets and final illustrations, and then the refinement process begins.
The refinement process includes up to two more rounds of feedback and modifications.
Final payment must be received before files are delivered.

$120.00 and requires a 25% deposit- the deposit is non-refundable reserved for a kill fee.

Please contact with any questions.